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Learn about our Women & Girls' Cricket Action Plan 2021-23.

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Ireland has a long and proud cricketing history, and with its recent elevation to Full Membership, Irish cricket is being recognised on the world stage for its upward trajectory of successes, on and off the field. However, that trajectory of growth has not been felt as keenly across all areas of our sport

Globally, attitudes about women’s sport are undergoing significant change for the better, and in Ireland - through initiatives such as the recent 20 x 20 Campaign – this change has seen substantial uplifts in investment, participation and coverage of women’s sport.

A key part of our recently released Cricket Ireland Strategic Plan 2021-2023 is to invest in and grow women & girls’ cricket across Ireland. While we have already started this journey, we recognise that there is much more to do.

To guide our actions over the duration of the Strategic Plan, we have developed an Action Plan to focus our work in this area. The Action Plan, to be delivered in partnership with Provincial Unions and local stakeholders, outlines structural and financial improvements, as well as widening opportunities from the grassroots to elite levels to experience, enjoy and excel at our great sport.

Our overall vision is to become the fastest growing sport for women and girls in Ireland. We recognise that this will not be achieved in the short term, we view this as the first phase of a 5-10 year process.

I encourage you to read the Cricket Ireland Strategic Plan for context, and then explore the more detailed actions we plan to take over the coming three years in this document.

We look forward to helping drive cricket to become the fastest growing sport for women and girls across Ireland, and hope you can join us on this journey.

Warren Deutrom
Chief Executive, Cricket Ireland

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You can read the Action Plan in PDF here: