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Irish Cricketers' Association

The Irish Cricketers’ Association was founded in 2017 to represent the interests of cricketers in Ireland.

Ireland v India – LevelUp11 First Men's T20 International

Who is the ICA?

The ICA represents both the men’s and women’s senior national squads and is a recognised full member of the Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA). Its role is to represent the interests and welfare of our members, and to use our voice to shape the development of the game to the benefit of all stakeholders in our sport.



To promote the game of cricket and to represent, promote, advance and protect the welfare and interests of members both domestically and internationally.



The ICAs’ principles are to:

  • Represent the views and interests of its members
  • Protect the rights of its members
  • Support its members personal/ professional development
  • Provide advice and assistance when appropriate
  • Prepare members for the transition out of cricket
  • Pursue initiatives that benefit the membership
  • Promote the sport of cricket
  • Promote a positive relationship with Cricket Ireland

Key People

The ICA recently appointed Kevin O’Brien as president and the ICA Board comprises past and current players as well as a part-time Administrator.

It is a crucial time for cricket in Ireland with the progress of the Ireland Women’s and Ireland Men's teams making great strides on the international stage.

Irish cricketers face an increasingly competitive and professional international environment while domestically, cricket is growing as a sport of choice for children and adults that is diverse and brings a number of communities together.


ICA Executive

The ICA Executive Committee is comprised of:

  • Kevin O’Brien (President)
  • Cecelia Joyce (Vice-President)
  • Mary Waldron (Secretary)
  • George Dockrell (Treasurer)
  • Shauna Kavanagh (General Manager)
  • Peter Chase (Executive member)
  • Lorcan Tucker (Executive member)
  • James Cameron Dow (Executive Member)
  • Tyrone Kane (Executive Member)


The Future

The ICA believes that the key to success is through communication and coordination with the ICA Board, its members, Ireland’s cricket governing body and other partners.

It plans to build on its current membership base and extend it out to other groups, including domestic inter-provincial and past players. It also aims to expand its organisation to include positions such as Player Development Manager, Player Welfare officer and to put together a Player Development Programme to further support members. While there is access to such resources for some members, the ICA aim is to increase resources so as to make them available across the board so that members have the necessary tools to assist them with their current sporting career and the important transition into whatever the future holds beyond cricket.

Want to know more?

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