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We are committed to developing, fostering and growing positive cricket experiences for our increasingly diverse cricket family.

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Welcoming, inclusive, diverse...

We want to develop and grow a welcoming, inclusive and diverse sport across Ireland. While we fully comply with the ICC Anti-Discrimination Policy for International Cricket and ICC Anti-Discrimination Code for Participants, in 2021 Cricket Irelad launched an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy.

One of the primary aims of Cricket Ireland is to enable more people to play and support cricket more often, growing and sustaining the sport so that it is safe, inclusive, fair and accessible. As we work towards this, we are committed to promoting safe and inclusive cricket, so that people have positive experiences of our sport and that cricket is accessible and available to everyone.

While we have made considerable progress regarding diversity and inclusion in cricket, we know that there is more to be done to engage with and involve people from many different backgrounds whether as a player, coach, official, an employee or as a volunteer. This applies at all levels of the sport and a key aim in support of this is ensuring that we achieve the highest level of the Equality Standard for Sport.

A further document that provides practical and regulatory guidance is the ICC Code of Conduct.

If you have experienced discrimination in a cricketing environment, you can register a complaint - the complaints process is outlined here.