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Provincial Unions

Cricket Leinster

Cricket Leinster (originally known as Leinster Cricket Union) was founded in 1919, and is responsible for cricket in the province of Leinster. Its role is to promote, foster and organise the playing of cricket in the province.

There are currently over 40 clubs participating in open, womens and youth competitions, primary and secondary schools, as well as a network of social cricket outlets from indoor cricket to business houses leagues. The number of clubs is increasing all the time with renewed interest in the sport in the fast growing areas around the periphery of Dublin.

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Munster Cricket Union

The Munster Cricket Union (MCU) is made of 13 affiliated clubs from across the province of Munster. We are responsible for expanding participation in the game, creating structures and an infrastructure to support that expansion, and ensuring the long-term viability of the game in Munster.

This is done through the organising of three adult leagues and under age leagues. The Union also provides assistance to clubs with Coaching Courses and Club development with support from Cricket Ireland.

North West Cricket Union

The North West jurisdiction covers counties Fermanagh and Londonderry and part of Tyrone in Northern Ireland and Donegal in the Republic of Ireland.

The Union organises the North West Senior Cup and the North West Senior League. The Union was formed in 1890. The NWCU organises cricket competitions for 32 affiliated clubs. It has six adult leagues two at senior level and four at Intermediate level. It’s affiliated organisation, the Derry Midweek Cricket League organises cricket for adults, women and all boys’ cricket in the North West. The North West Umpires and Scorers Association is also affiliated to the NWCU.

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Northern Cricket Union

The Northern Cricket Union (NCU) covers counties Antrim, Armagh and Down and part of Tyrone in Northern Ireland. The object of the NCU is to promote and improve cricket generally in the North of Ireland among men and women, boys and girls, and people of all abilities.

The Union was founded in 1884 and is the oldest of the five provincial unions. It has organised the NCU Challenge Cup since 1887 and the NCU Senior League since 1897.

Unaffiliated Union

Connacht Cricket Union

Currently unaffiliated formally with Cricket Ireland, Connacht Cricket Union is the newest Provincial Union and has recently begun the process of affiliation.

While no timeframe has been agreed yet, it is anticipated that Connacht Cricket Union will become the fifth Provincial Union in coming years.

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