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Creating a Cricket island

Learn about Cricket Ireland's Strategic Plan 2021-23.

Strategic Plan


If you are reading this then you are undoubtedly as interested in the future of Irish cricket as I am.

Did you know that Irish cricket is about to celebrate its 230th year since the first recorded match was played on these shores? Or did you know that cricket was the most popular team sport in Ireland, and played in every county, until the advent of the GAA?


A ‘cricket island’ once more

Cricket has had a long and winding journey in Ireland – we’ve seen some world-beating highs, but experienced some soul-searching lows. Despite this, one truth has remained: this was once a cricketing island – now we seek to make it that once more.

This strategic plan aims to consolidate the gains of recent years, invest in the grassroots, grow the women’s game and ensure we are as diverse, inclusive and welcoming as any sport.

We also seek to find that much-needed balance between grassroots and elite cricket, to ensure we can push forward on solid foundations.


As you read this plan

Keep in mind that this Strategic Plan is the first stage of a two-step programme for growth:

The first stage (2021-2023) will see us continue to develop a world-class high performance system, but also seek to rebalance our decision-making and investment to ensure our sport is built upon sustainable and vibrant foundations.

The second stage (2024-2031) is where we will target substantial growth in the game, driven by what we hope will be an accelerated ICC funding cycle.


The next decade will be an ambitious period for cricket - but first we need to step back, take stock and ensure our sport is built on solid foundations.

I encourage you to read the Plan and then join Cricket Ireland - in partnership with the Provincial Unions - in once more making this a ‘cricket island’.


Warren Deutrom
Chief Executive, Cricket Ireland

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