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NV Play for Clubs

Cricket Ireland and NV Play have come together to provide a range of scoring, analysis and live streaming tools to cricket clubs across Ireland.

Cricket Ireland and NV Play


As part of our Club Connects Autumn 2023 workshop series, NV Play delivered an informative session on ‘Live Streaming fixtures’ for cricket clubs across Ireland. With clubs attending from all Provincial Unions, it is clear the interest in Live Streaming Club Fixtures is on the rise.

NV Play covered all the essentials from Live Streaming Functionality, Stream set up, Automatic highlight packages and important information on the equipment required by clubs.

Use of NV Play to Live Score club fixtures is free for cricket clubs across Ireland but an additional licence fee is required for Live Streaming with NV Play functionality. For anyone looking for a recap of the session and information on streaming packages you can watch the workshop back below:

If your cricket club is looking to live stream in 2024 and purchase a streaming licence, contact NV Play here.

nv play pricing

For the benefit of clubs...

Through this innovative partnership, Cricket Ireland will make NV Play’s brand new mobile scoring app and laptop pro scoring software available free to clubs, with clubs able to avail of premium add-ons relating to NV Play’s world-class analysis and live streaming tools direct through NV Play.


The NV Play Cricket Scorer mobile app will be available in the Apple Appstore and Google Play, and is supported on the two most recent major versions of iOS (currently iOS13+) and all versions of Android from 8.0 Oreo up.

The powerful NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer software can be installed on your Windows-based laptop or desktop: click here to download installer.

Once downloaded: NV Play Registration for Cricket Ireland Recreational Scorers


As part of Cricket Ireland’s ongoing digital transformation initiatives, we have worked with NV Play to make available to all Irish cricket clubs a range of premium offerings that can extend a club’s use of the freely-provided Pro Scoring platform. These premium modules and their associated costs include:

  • Video Highlights (€120 / £100 per season)
  • Live Streaming (includes Video Highlights, €600 / £500 per season)
  • Video Scoreboard (€60 / £50 per season)
  • Video Replay Screen (includes Video Scoreboard, €250 / £200 per season)
  • Embedded Match Centres (€300 / £250 per season)

In addition to the above, a range of performance-focussed Video Analysis packages will shortly be made available, offering all Irish club’s access to the same high performance tools as used in the elite game.

Enquire directly with NV Play: https://www.nvplay.com/cricket-ireland/nv-play-premium-modules


Free Scorer Registration is required:

  • A club/team scorer will need an NV Play Mobile and Desktop Scoring username and password for the NV Recreational Platform. If a scorer / club admin requires log-on credentials – they can request via NV Play Registration for Cricket Ireland Recreational Scorers.

  • For teams who do not have a regular scorer - and if scoring is shared across a number of players during a game – it is recommended that a club apply for a generic log on for each team without a scorer. This will allow multi-users access the app and desktop modules (up to 10 users under one user profile). 

NV Play Live Streaming and Video Highlights

NV Play are excited to make available two premium video offerings to all Irish Cricket recreational users, designed to engage their fans, create commercial opportunities and build their audiences.

PACKAGE #1: NV Play Live Streaming

Configure and manage your Streams directly within NV Play using the same powerful Live Streaming platform leveraged by many pro users. Now your Club can take advantage of these Elite tools too.

  • Streaming to YouTube, Facebook Live and NV Play match centres
  • Broadcast standard scoring overlay graphics (generated automatically as the scorer scores)
  • Automated professional grade score overlays, full scorecards, milestones & match stats
  • Club branding through overlay theming and club logos
  • Auto-replays with branded pre-rolls
  • Monetisation opportunities through sponsor logos and advertising
  • Club or sponsor watermarking
  • Cover all the action with support for up to four cameras
  • Integrate your very own audio and commentary feeds into your live streams
  • Automatic video clipping of every ball in the match, not just highlights
  • Automatic uploading of Video Highlights to online Match Centres
  • Powerful Video Package Manager for creation of highlights packages during and post-match
  • Automated posting of highlights to your Club Twitter account

Live Streaming costs €600 / £500 per season (includes Video Highlights below)

PACKAGE #2: NV Play Video Highlights

Not quite ready to embrace Live Streaming? Can’t access the internet at your ground? Then maybe our Video Highlights package is right for you.

  • Automatic video clipping of all match highlights, including 4s, 6s, wickets and major milestones
  • Offline video capture, with ability to automatically upload during or after the match
  • Automatic publication of highlights to uploaded
  • Automated posting of highlights to your Club Twitter account

Video Highlights costs €120 / £100 per season

Licences for both the Live Streaming and Video Highlights packages are based on concurrent games, meaning that you can stream or capture one match at a time. If you wish to capture or stream multiple matches at the same time, multiple licences will be required. You can stream matches for multiple teams on a single licence, as long as they are played at different times (e.g. 1st XI on Saturday followed by 2nd XI on Sunday).

Note: appropriate camera hardware is required to leverage these packages. You can source your own cameras, or simply take advantage of NV Play’s range of curated camera kits. Check out the kit details here: https://www.nvplay.com/live-streaming

The NV Play Cricket Scorer mobile app is available in the NV Play Cricket Scorer on the App Store (apple.com) and NV Play Cricket Scorer - Apps on Google Play and is supported on the two most recent major versions of iOS (currently iOS13+) and all versions of Android from 8.0 Oreo up.

The powerful NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer software can be installed on your Windows-based laptop or desktop: download link

Scorers and Club admins require a username and password to access NV Play. Details can be submitted here (NV Play Registration for Cricket Ireland Recreational Scorers) to receive log-on credentials.