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Future Series

The Cricket Ireland Future Series is fast becoming an integral part of the emerging talent pathway in Ireland.

Future Series

The Competition

Cricket Ireland Future Series - the tournament that complements the men’s Inter-Provincial Series to strengthen the talent pathway and provide competitive cricket for the next generation of cricketers with senior inter-provincial and international aspirations.

Cricket Ireland’s National Talent Pathway Manager, Albert van der Merwe said:

"The Future Series plays an important part in creating a space for young players to compete and push for recognition. It creates an environment where provincial unions can really give an opportunity to young players, focus on player development and experiment with broader squads over several games. From a Cricket Ireland perspective, we see this as a massive part of a national succession plan. It also allows young players to impress the Provincial Head Coaches as they strive to attain higher honours."

Men's Future Series

The Men's Future Series began in 2021, and currently sees four sides competing:

  • Emerging Knights
  • Emerging Warriors
  • Leinster Lightning Bolts
  • Munster Reds

You can follow the competition through our Match Centre.

Women's Future Series

The Women's Future Series began in 2023, and currently sees four sides competing:

  • Cricket Leinster
  • North West Cricket Union
  • Northern Cricket Union
  • Ireland Under-17s

You can follow the competition through our Match Centre.