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Coach Education Videos

A video series where coaches from all levels of the game share their coaching journeys and unique perspectives on coaching.

Cricket Ireland Coach Education Day

Coach Connects Series

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Coach Connects - Session Plan Design
Episode 1
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Coach Connects - Creating a Positive Coaching Environment
Episode 2
cc best practice in coaching
Coach Connects Webinar: Best Practice in Coaching
Episode 3
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Coach Discussions Series

coach connects 1
Coach Discussions: Coaching and Leadership with Christina Coulter Reilly.
Episode 1
coach connects 2
Coach Discussions: Inclusion and Career Path with Naomi Hayward Scott
Episode 2
coach connects 3
Coach Discussions: Not Just Cricket with Robert Delaney
Episode 3
coach connects 4
Coach Connects - Creating an Environment
Episode 4
coach connects 5
Coach Connects - People-centred Coaching
Episode 5
coach connects 6
Coach Connects - Importance of Role-Modelling
Episode 6
coach connects 7
Coach Discussions: The Important of Learning and the Evolution of Coach Education
Episode 7
coach connects 8
Coach Discussions: Learning through Coaching
Episode 8
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