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Become a scorer

Want to learn more about scoring in cricket? Want to further develop your skills?

become a scorer

We're here to help...

Games need someone to keep the score!

Every region has an Umpires and Scorers Association:

Clubs would be delighted to have a group of scorers available to cover games at all levels.

There are scorer courses available for all, from those just starting out to those who want to score at the highest level.

  • Beginners: For those who have never scored and would like to get involved in scoring youth games at their club.
  • Introduction to Scoring: A basic scoring course which teaches all you need to know to score a match in a scorebook.
  • Level 1 Club Scorer: A more in depth look at scoring, including the Laws of Cricket which are relevant to scorers and DLS. A practical course involving lots of scoring.
  • Level 2 Representative Scorer: Linear scoring, NV Play, multi day cricket etc
  • Level 3 International Scoring


Want to know more?

Contact: ciscoring@gmail.com