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Cricket for adults

Want to play a highly social, non-contact sport? Start here!

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We hope to help guide you through a range of programmes and other opportunities that aim to provide you with fun and engaging experiences. 

First step is typically to find a club near you.

At many clubs around Ireland there are activities to incorporate the amateur to the seasoned pro.

While most clubs welcome men, women and kids, there are two programmes  in particular aimed at women that are worth highlighting - CricHIIT and On the Front Foot.

Find a club

There are over 120 cricket clubs around Ireland. Find your nearest and get involved today!


A programme that combines basic cricket skills with high intensity impact training - do it in a group, do it at home on your own.

On the front foot

A women's programme aimed at developing leadership skills to further female participation at all levels of the game.

Need more help?

Our Provincial Unions can help with opportunities local to you.