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We understand the continued risk that corruption poses to cricket.


The Code

Cricket Ireland has adopted an Anti-Corruption Code in recognition of the following fundamental sporting imperatives:

  • All cricket matches are to be contested on a level playing-field, with the outcome to be determined solely by the respective merits of the competing teams and to remain uncertain until the cricket match is completed.
  • Public confidence in the authenticity and integrity of the sporting contest is therefore vital. If that confidence is undermined, then the very essence of cricket will be shaken to the core.
  • Advancing technology and increasing popularity have led to a substantial increase in the amount, and the sophistication, of betting on cricket matches. The development and accessibility of betting products that allow people to place a bet at any time and from any place, even after a cricket match has started, see the risk of corrupt betting practices become more prominent. That, in turn, increases the risk that attempts will be made to involve participants in such practices.
  • Furthermore, the nature of this type of misconduct is such that it is carried out under cover and in secret, thereby creating significant challenges for Cricket Ireland in the enforcement of rules of conduct. , Cricket Ireland needs to be empowered to seek information from and share information with competent authorities and other relevant third parties, and to require Participants to cooperate fully with all investigations andrequests for information.

Cricket Ireland is committed to taking every step in its power (a) to prevent corrupt practices undermining the integrity of the sport of cricket, including any efforts to influence improperly the outcome or any other aspect of any Match; and (b) to preserve public confidence in the readiness, willingness and ability of Cricket Ireland, the ICC and all other National Cricket Federations to protect the sport from such corrupt practices.


Report it!

If you are involvd in, or witness what you believe to be corrupt activity, report it here: anticorruption@cricketireland.ie