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Toolkits & Resources

We provide a growing number of toolkits and resources to help clubs.

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Help is at hand...

The following toolkits and resources are available to help guide, advise or share clubs on a range of topics. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us.

Grants & Funding

Advice and links to grants and funding opportunities.

NV Play for clubs

Cricket Ireland and NV Play have partnered to provide a service to Irish clubs.

Overseas Players

The rules and regulations around the recruitment of overseas professionals.

Safeguarding Procedures

Our commitment to, and compliance with safeguarding legislation.

Disciplinary Regulations

Guidance on disciplinary procedures relating to club cup competitions.

Complaints Policy

A policy that outlines formal complaints procedures relating to Cricket Ireland or its competitions.

ED&I Policy

Cricket Ireland's Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy - making cricket the most welcoming sport in Ireland.


Guidance has been written to provide you with the most significant dates for multicultural & religious observance together with some information about them.

Club Cup playing regulations

The followinng Playing Conditions relate to the range of all-Ireland club cup competitions under Cricket Ireland’s responsibility.

Irish Senior Cup Playing Conditions
National Cup Playing Conditions
Men's All-Ireland T20 Cup Playing Conditions
Women's All-Ireland T20 Cup Playing Conditions
Youth Inter-Provincial Competitions - 50 over and 20 over matches