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Club Compliance

Is your club complying with local safeguarding legislation?


Steps to achieve compliance...

Step #1. Review and complete the Child Safeguarding statement

  • Download the Child Safeguarding Statement Template.
  • Review your Child Safeguarding Statement, complete the blank sections and sign and date the document.
  • Display and promote it to members and stakeholders as per Section 11 of the Children First Act 2015, you are required to display your Child Safeguarding Statement in a prominent place in your club (notice board, public area etc).
  • We suggest that you also distribute your signed Child Safeguarding Statement to all members by mail/email/web or social media on an annual basis.
  • If you do not have a club house or website/social media page to display and distribute your Child Safeguarding Statement, you should display it at your matches as a temporary sign or poster.

Step #2. Review and complete Safeguarding Risk assessment

  • Download the Risk Assessment template.
  • The Risk Assessment has been pre-populated for you to review at your club meeting.
  • Each risk identified has been ranked and any supporting policies and guidance indicated.
  • You may wish to include other risks of potential harm that are specific for you or some risks listed may not be applicable to your club.
  • After you review your Risk Assessment, minute it at your meeting and get your Chairperson and Children’s Officer to sign and date it.

Step #3. Appoint a Club Children’s Officer and Designated Liaison Person (ROI), Club Childrens Officer (NI)

  • These persons should be appropriately vetted and complete appropriate Safeguarding training.

Step #4. Implement Cricket Ireland Safe Recruitment Policy

Ensure all coaches / volunteers working with children attend appropriate Safeguarding training, are vetted and made aware of Cricket Ireland's code of conduct and reporting procedures. Refer to this guidance.

Step #5. Check all relevant club members

  • All persons in the club who will be in continuous or regular contact with children must complete their Garda Vetting or Access NI check prior to beginning their role.
  • Send a confirmation email to your Provincial Union to confirm all the above. Scan and email your Safeguarding statement with a link to where it is displayed on your website, or a picture of it displayed publicly if you have no website. Please include name and contact details of persons in named positions (Designated Liaison / Children’s Officer positions)