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Club Cricket

Club Connects

A Cricket Ireland programme supporting the sustainability and growth of clubs.

Club Connects

At the heart of our game...

Clubs are at the heart of organised sport and are often the primary way people of all ages engage and backgrounds from local communities connect ‘face-to-face’ sport.

Aligned directly with the first pillar of the Cricket Ireland strategy, the aim of Club Connects programme is to support the capability and capacity of volunteers in cricket clubs so that they can provide the kind of positive experiences that will aid growth in ways that matter to the Clubs, the community and cricket as a whole.

Club Connects workshops run in person and online and are supported by a suite of Club Connects resources.

Find a club

Our Club Finder helps you locate your closest cricket clubs around Ireland.

Upcoming workshops

Find out the upcoming free workshops for clubs across Ireland.

My Cricket Learning

An online portal developed to benefit you and/or your club.

Grants & Funding

Advice and links to grants and funding opportunities.

NV Play for clubs

Cricket Ireland and NV Play have partnered to provide a service to Irish clubs.

Overseas Players

The rules and regulations around the recruitment of overseas professionals.